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Walking for a healthy living
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There was a hiking carnival, in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, on Sunday, the first of its kind in the capital, with more than 4,000 dedicated hikers gathering in the Olympic Forest Park. There was also an announcement of 10 recommended hiking trails, at the event.

The carnival had other venues in Beijing, for example Taoranting Park, Yongdinghe Park in Mentougou district, and five large community areas.

Li Xiai, a 64-year old resident of Huilongguan, took part happily with her son and grandson and explained, “Walking is good for the heart and lungs and has long been a real part of my life.”

The participants even get a hiking passport with a special stamp, as a souvenir, if they get three badges handed out by the organizer at service stations along the way.

A group of 10 recommended trails was announced for the occasion, by the Beijing Walking Association, which keeps track of trails around the capital.

One association member, Zhao Zhixin, described it this way, “Hiking’s a low-carbon sport that can prevent and cure many chronic diseases. No fewer than 6,000 steps is the proper amount of exercise per person per day.”

There was a hiking family selection afterwards, with the members of 10 families who are big fans of hiking singled out and some of them sharing their personal experiences and ideas of this fairly easy but effective way to better health.

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