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Chinese behaving badly overseas warned again
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China's tourism industry has again called on Chinese tourists to behave overseas.
A proposal was issued by the China International Travel Service on behalf of the industry on Aug 1, calling for good manners for tourists and tour guides.
Chinese tourists are constantly in the headlines about behaving badly overseas, such as scrawling on cultural relics, cutting in lines and speaking loudly in public places.
Some Chinese travelers pictured dipping their feet into the fountain water in front of the Louvre Museum triggered a hot debate on the Internet recently. But some also said that it is quite common to see tourists putting their feet into the fountain, especially foreigners.
Chinese people made 83 million overseas trips in 2012, according to CITS. The number will jump to 100 million by 2020 and make the country the largest tourist source in the world, forecasts the UN World Tourism Organization.
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